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First hour of Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose is live

Sep 14 2014 7:00pm CDT | Source: TUAW

If you haven't seen enough of Apple's Tim Cook over the past few days, you're in luck. The soft-spoken CEO sat down for a two-hour interview with PBS anchor (and MacBook Air gravity defender) Charlie Rose. The first part of that ...
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Geekbench’s Benchmark Database Shows New iMac 40% Slower than the Previous Model

Source: Apple Balla | Jun 20 2014, 12:55am CDT | by Ehsanul Haque Kanan

Geekbench’s Benchmark Database Shows New iMac 40% Slower than the Previous Model
The performance of the latest model of iMac lags behind from the previous low-end version
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Rumors talk 5K Apple monitor, multiple colors for 12-inch MacBook Air

Sep 12 2014 9:12am CDT | Source: MacNN

Apple may be prepared to launch a 5120x2880 monitor later this year, says an LCD market research firm, WitsView. That would however be beyond the limits of the DisplayPort 1.2 standard used in Thunderbolt 2; even a Mac Pro can only support a 4K display at specific refresh rates. A more likely resolution would therefore be 4096x2160, DisplayPort's current maximum. At the same time, Dell has announced a 5K display, and whatever technology that uses could pre ...
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The Retina MacBook Air could land next year in slate gray, silver, and gold

Sep 12 2014 7:20am CDT | Source: Cult of Mac

Ever since the release of the Powerbook G4, and with the exception of the plastic models, Apple has exclusively released it’s MacBook laptops in aluminum gray. But according to a new rumor, that may no ...
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Apple is Reportedly Working on a 12-Inch MacBook Air in Space Gray, Gold, Silver

Sep 11 2014 11:26pm CDT | Source: iClarified

Apple is reportedly working on a new 12-inch MacBook Air that could come in Space Gray, Gold, and Silver colors, reports atechwebsite.The site's source claims Apple is aiming for a mid-2015 launch of the new notebook; however, it's release has apparently been pushed back multiple times already. The current time frame is expected to allow Apple to utilize Intel's new Broadwell processors.Int ...
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New rumor claims 12-inch Retina MacBook Air will come in space gray and gold

Sep 11 2014 8:21pm CDT | Source: 9to5Mac

Gold is best If you’ve just been dying to get your hands on a gold MacBook Air, a new rumor floating around the web is sure to make your day. According to a tech website aptly named A Tech Website, the long-rumored line of 12-inch MacBook Airs that are expected to be released next year will be available not only in the usual silver, but also in iPhone-style “space gray” and gold. This seemingly insa ...
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Rumor: Apple to launch 12-inch MacBook Air in 2015 with iPhone-inspired colors

Sep 11 2014 7:48pm CDT | Source: Apple Insider

A sketchy rumor on Thursday claims Apple's rumored 12-inch MacBook Air will debut in the middle of 2015, to be available in gold, space gray and silver colors identical to those offered with ...
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Are you ready for a gold Apple MacBook Air?

Sep 11 2014 4:54pm CDT | Source: App Advice

Apple may next be going for the gold with the MacBook Air.We’ve previouslyreported on the next-generation laptop that will probably be thinner and feature Intels Core-M Broadwell processor. AndA Tech Website is suggesting an interesting new feature for the 12-inch model:The most fascinating part of this report is that Apple is also planning to change the colours for the first time with an Aluminium MacBook, the source says that Apple is planning to add Space Grey and Gold colours to their Mac ...
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