360° Coverage : Samsung Claims iPhone 5, iPad Mini Infringe On Patents

Samsung Claims iPhone 5, iPad Mini Infringe On Patents

Oh boy; here we go again

Nov 24 2012, 1:34am CST | by

Samsung Claims iPhone 5, iPad Mini Infringe On Patents

In the latest chapter of the unending novel of Samsung and Apple patent litigation, Samsung has claimed that the iPhone 5 as well as the iPad Mini specifically infringe on a patent that it owns the rights to. This legal move is mainly a matter of paperwork and is just an extension to a lawsuit that Samsung had previously brought forward.

The patent in question relates to the devices' audio features and the use of a built-in speaker. In the lawsuit, Samsung writes that "all Apple products including a built-in speaker and an external audio output port" which include the use of technology that Samsung has the exclusive rights to in the US.

This is probably a case that never would have been filed if Apple didn't start suing everybody and making a particular example out of Samsung. Now, Samsung's legal team is spending every waking hour trying to find some way to get back at Apple.

Even though Apple did win a major victory earlier this year - the kind of victory that will go down in business and law school textbooks for years to come - that case is also far from over.

Samsung is now pursuing all possible avenues to either score a retrial or an appeal, including accusations that the foreman of the jury had a biased relationship against Samsung because of his employment history.

It will be years before any of the Apple and Samsung madness is every actually put to final and legally binding rest. It is not out of the question for one of these issues to go all the way to the Supreme Court, just because these kinds of cases almost never make it all the way through the jury deliberation process so there is strikingly little in the way of case law precedents.

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