360° Coverage : Apple Must Turn Over HTC Settlement Terms To Court

Apple Must Turn Over HTC Settlement Terms To Court

As part of the ongoing Samsung saga

Nov 24 2012, 3:00am CST | by

Apple Must Turn Over HTC Settlement Terms To Court

HTC decided earlier this month that it did not want to suffer the same gruesome fate as Samsung, and thus has decided to agree to a settlement with Apple after the company filed a big patent infringement lawsuit. This put an end to the legal process between the two companies, which has been ongoing since 2010.

Of course, the exact terms of the settlement were not disclosed. However, it was revealed that HTC will be paying a licensing fee to Apple for the use of some of its patented technology for the next 10 years.

Now, though, those terms will need to be a bit more exposed, thanks to the parallel Samsung patent case.

Although Samsung became the poster child for Apple's very aggressive legal efforts, it was HTC that really started it all. The lawsuit, originally filed in 2010, would be the catalyst for the suits that Apple filed against Samsung as well as other companies including Motorola Mobility (which is now owned by Google).

The reason the Samsung case went to court before HTC is mainly because Samsung didn't pose a lot of issues that required delays. It truly believed that it would be able to defeat Apple. That wound up in a $1.05 billion verdict against Samsung in the US alone, but now there are all sorts of steps Samsung is taking to reverse the decision.

Because it could be relevant to this process, the deal between Apple and HTC needs to be provided to the court, but under an "attorneys-eyes-only" designation, which means it will not be part of the public record. It will only be taken into consideration for the judge on her rulings in further issues with the Samsung ordeal.

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