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Samsung Now Wants A US iPhone Ban

Samsung Now Wants A US iPhone Ban

Nov 19 2012, 4:00am CST | by

It never ends...

Samsung and Apple seriously are not going to make up any time soon. In the wake of even more huge developments in the ongoing legal saga between the two companies, Samsung is now asking a regulatory...

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1 year ago

Samsung Now Wants A US iPhone Ban

Nov 19 2012, 4:00am CST | by

It never ends...

Samsung and Apple seriously are not going to make up any time soon. In the wake of even more huge developments in the ongoing legal saga between the two companies, Samsung is now asking a regulatory body to consider a ban on iPhone and iPad imports into the country.

Samsung claims that Apple's products use technology that is restricted from use by patents that Samsung owns. As a result, it wants the International Trade Commission the impost a sales ban.

Of course, this is just the latest in the back-and-forth that first really erupted when Apple started suing Samsung. In what have been textbook-worthy history-making lawsuits, Apple has managed to win in some jurisdictions (most notably the US), but lose in others.

In other words, there is nothing anywhere close to a clear-cut answer in this situation. Both companies have hard heads, and both have legal precedent on their side -- it's just different based on which country you're in. Because of all this confusion, Samsung wants the guilty verdict it suffered in the US case to be thrown out.

The ITC will be looking at that case, and of course the entire breadth of the Samsung and Apple legal issues, and will make a decision on what sorts of sanctions, if any, should be levied to the applicable countries.

An adverse decision from the ITC from either company could have incredible implications not only for Samsung and Apple, but really for the entire technology industry. The ripple effect occurs because of the impacts that such a move would have on suppliers and manufacturers, which deal with many other consumer electronics firms.

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1 hour ago

Samsung Taps David Hasselhoff, Knight Rider, and Kit for Smart Home Ad

Sep 2 2014 2:34pm CDT | Source: The Mac Observer

Samsung released on Tuesday a rather entertaining commercial for its (lolbecauseapplehomekit) smart home effort. I'm not sure what exactly the commercial is pushing, but it features David Hasselhoff and his Knight Rider legacy, as well as William Daniels, reprising his role as the voice of Kit, Mr. Hasselhoff's "smart car." Of particular enjoyment is Mr. Hasselhoff's attempt to smoo ...
Source: The Mac Observer  Full article at: The Mac Observer


3 hours ago

Apple’s iPhone 6: From Louis Vuitton to Chanel

Sep 2 2014 12:25pm CDT | Source: Mac Daily News

google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9654279268749293"; /* Article Body, 336x280, Above the fold */ google_ad_slot = "0670981169"; google_ad_width = 336; google_ad_height = 280; //--> “Conspicuous consumption and status-seeking are major drivers of the Asian market in particular, and are why Asians make up over 50% of the luxury market by nationality.1 In the case of handbags, you absolutely are saying something with your selection: a Louis Vui ...
Source: Mac Daily News   Full article at: Mac Daily News


5 hours ago

9to5Toys Lunch Break: iPad mini $200, Sony QX10 iPhone lens kit $84, Bose IE2 in-ear headphones $70, more

Sep 2 2014 11:00am CDT | Source: 9to5Mac

Be sure to follow 9to5Toys to keep up with the best gear and deals on the web: Twitter, RSS Feed, Facebook, Google+ and Safari push notifications. Today’s can’t miss deals: Apple Deals: Get an iPad mini for $200 shipped at Best Buy (33% savings) Apple iPad Air 32GB WiFi (Silver or Space Gray) $490 shipped (Reg. $599) Sony DSC-QX10 smartphone attachable lens kit w/ WiFi $84 shipped (orig. $250) Bose IE2 in-ear headphones $70 shipped (Reg. $100) Small States: This is Ground perfects c ...
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6 hours ago

New photos once again point to 2,915 mAh battery for 5.5-inch ‘iPhone 6′

Sep 2 2014 9:28am CDT | Source: App Advice

For the second time in recent weeks, images have leaked purportedly showing a battery for Apples next handset. This new batch seems to confirm that Apple’s 5.5-inch “iPhone 6″ willhave a battery capacity of 2,915 mAh. The latest images were first posted by NWE.The battery in these photos show a manufacturing date of March 2014, and appears to be a prototype. The images look identical to the ones leaked in August by Chinese website Apple Daily.The 4-inch iPh ...
Source: App Advice  Full article at: App Advice


7 hours ago

Future patent battles could be fun as Apple patents Samsung Air Command style menus …

Sep 2 2014 9:13am CDT | Source: 9to5Mac

Future patent battles between Apple and Samsung could take an entertaining turn as Apple has been granted a patent on radial menus for touchscreen devices – using an illustration that bears a notable resemblance to the Air Command menu used by Samsung on the Galaxy Note 3. Lest anyone accuse Apple of copying Samsung, Apple first patented the menu approach back in 2012 – a year before Samsung adopted it. The reason for the second patent granted today is tha ...
Source: 9to5Mac   Full article at: 9to5Mac


7 hours ago

Prototype 2,915 mAh Battery for 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Once Again Shown in Photos

Sep 2 2014 9:00am CDT | Source: Mac Rumors

New photos shared by Nowhereelse.fr [Google Translate] once again claim to show a 2,915 mAh capacity battery from the 5.5-inch model of the iPhone 6. These details follow an earlier Nowhereelse.fr report that showcased a claimed rear shell from the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model. The battery in these latest photos appears identical to one detailed in a leak last month from Chinese site Apple Daily, down to the March 2014 manufacturing date. The authenti ...
Source: Mac Rumors   Full article at: Mac Rumors


8 hours ago

A just-granted Apple patent looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 radial menu

Sep 2 2014 8:12am CDT | Source: GigaOm: Apple

Given the prior litigation between Samsung and Apple, it's interesting that the latter has patents on the radial menu design used by the former. Let's see if the Galaxy Note 4 keeps the same interface or if Samsung decides to make a change. A just-granted Apple patent looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 radial menu originally publis ...
Source: GigaOm: Apple   Full article at: GigaOm: Apple


8 hours ago

Cortana highlights Siri’s failings in new Microsoft ad

Sep 2 2014 8:00am CDT | Source: Cult of Mac

As Apple knows full well, it’s lonely at the top! As if the constant shots from Samsung weren’t enough, Microsoft has just unleashed a new ad pitting its Cortana virtual assistant against Apple’s Siri. The ad, for those who can’t…Read ...
Source: Cult of Mac   Full article at: Cult of Mac


8 hours ago

Microsoft mocks Siri again in new commercial for Cortana & HTC One M8 (Video)

Sep 2 2014 7:27am CDT | Source: 9to5Mac

Microsoft, like Samsung, has been no stranger to directly going after Apple products in its latest TV commercials and online ads. Today, Microsoft has released yet another Siri-bashing ad comparing it to Windows own Cortana voice assistant feature on the HTC One M8. Earlier this summer during its developer conference, Microsoft released its first ad going after Siri and comparing its functionality to the new Cortana personal assist ...
Source: 9to5Mac   Full article at: 9to5Mac


11 hours ago

Apple patents Samsung’s Galaxy Note-style radial menus for iOS

Sep 2 2014 5:00am CDT | Source: Cult of Mac

Apple has been awarded a new patent for adding moving radial menus to both Macs and iOS devices. The use of radial menus would give Apple an alternative to the pull-down menus currently used in most applications – allowing context-specific menus ...
Source: Cult of Mac   Full article at: Cult of Mac


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