2017 MacBook Pro: Release Date, Features, Price

Apple released a series of new products on March 21. As expected, a new 2017 MacBook Pro was not part of the new releases. The only difference in 2017 MacBook Pro laptops would likely only be in processors. After all, the MacBook Pro line got an overhaul only a few months back in late 2016. A new MacBook Pro is expected for fall and not earlier.

Chances are the only upgrade you will see for MacBook Pro models in 2017 will be the introduction of new Intel Kaby Lake processors to the mix. Those Kaby Lake processors would bring reduced heat output and reduced power consumption meaning longer run time for MacBook Pro users.

The move to Kaby Lake processors for Apple could mean that SSD performance increases as well. These moves would mean more performance for new models but just as importantly more run time away from an outlet.

One change that could be significant is the elimination of the MacBook Air that has been rumored. That MacBook Air is expected to be replaced by the 13-inch MacBook Pro lacking the Touch Bar writes Forbes.

There has been a lot of controversy when Apple introduce the 2016 MacBook Pro about the small touchbar and the removal of ports. Apple could actually be forced on redesigning the MacBook Pro in case sales have slowed. At this point we don’t have sales numbers of the 2016 MacBook Pro. Find savings on MacBook Pro on Amazon.com.

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