2017 iMac: Release Date, Features and Expectations

This is the Surface Studio

I am writing this story on a mid-2011 27″ iMac 3.4Ghz Core i7 w/ SSD. Soon this  iMac will be old enough to go to school. My urge to get a new iMac has died when I upgraded the RAM to 32GB. This dated computer is responsive and great to work with.

I will only get tempted to get a new iMac if it is incredible. The last time Apple has updated the iMac was in 2015. Apple will release a new iMac in 2017 – at least this is what Apple pundits say. There is not a single evidence that this is going to happen.

Apple is under fire for neglecting the desktop. Microsoft used Apple’s moment of weakness in a perfect way. The Surface Studio makes the iMac look like ancient technology. The new 2017 iMac needs to be innovative in design and functionality to counter strike.

The full configured Surface Studio is $800 more expense than the most expensive iMac. This alone is a defeat for Apple. Microsoft makes more expensive computer than Apple. Who would have thought that we come to this?

What I want to the most in a 2017 iMac is a largest screen. I don’t feel that 27-inch is enough. I want 5K or 8K resolution on a screen that is at least 30 inches. I want more space on the screen to have browse windows arranged next to each other. Dell has unveiled a 32-inch 8K monitor at the CES 2017 with the Dell UltraSharp UP3218K 8K monitor. If Dell can, Apple can.

With a bigger screen, I also would like to see an ability to adjust the stand to move the screen up and down. The tilt function is not enough to optimize for desk ergonomics.

I am not sure if I need touch capability, like the Surface Studio offers for my line of work.

The performance of the 2017 iMac needs to be strong enough to allow for responsive user interface. No lag between switching desktops and launching apps. I don’t care how Apple achieves this and what kind of chips are in the new iMac.

When will Apple release the 2017 iMac?

At this point it is just guessing. April is a possibility for Apple’s first event in 2017. Another option is the WWDC 2017, kicking off on June 5.

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