Heres What We Know About iPhone 7 So Far


If there is any monster bigger than Pokemon Go right now, it would be the anticipation for the new iPhone 7. With only a month till its release, the rumors are coming in full force and show no sign of stopping any time soon.

The tech world is abuzz with three fresh rumors about the much awaited gadget, all having some level of legitimacy to them. The new release is peaking the curiosity of potential iPhone users as it promises to be one of the most controversial releases yet.

One of the biggest changes contributed to the iPhone 7 is the removal of its headphone jack, as Bloomberg reports again today how it is very much possible for Apple to abandon its current handset jack being used to connect our wired personal audio devices.

This rumor has been picking up heat for a long period of time and with all the rumors circulating, it is very much possible for the iPhone 7 to be bear of all except its lightening port.

Bloomberg has also reported of there being a dual camera setup for the new release. Mark Gurman has been quoted as to claiming that in order to improve the camera capabilities, the larger of the smartphones will feature 2 rear-facing shooters. The rumor’s source almost proves how authentic it is, given Mark Gurman’s record for his accuracy.

Another rumor floating around is a touch sensitive home button, rather than a switch based one that has been in effect since the iPhone’s first release in 2007.

Another leak that is circulating through the tech circles is a 4K video showing three dummy iPhone 7 devices. Of these three, one seems to feature a 4.7 inch screen whereas the other two show a 5.5 inch screen. Of the two big screen phones, one seems to have a dual camera whereas the other lacks that feature.

It is possible for one of these models to be a mere prototype that has been abandoned by the company, or it can be that there are two larger iPhones set to be released. We can only wait and see, however it is more probable for one of the larger screened phones to be a mere prototype as it is very improbable for Apple to feature two new phones.

Lastly, there are also photos showing the new logic board for the iPhone 7, giving us a look inside what will be Apple’s latest flagship model. The new logic board is similar to that of its predecessors, however that isn’t surprising given the design constraints of the new iPhone.

The new phone is expected to be released around the same time next month, given Apple’s consistency for September releases. The new iPhone is not expected to diverge much from the iPhone 6s, but that should not affect its ability to sell. It’s an iPhone, after all!

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