New Leaks Show Space Black iPhone 7 Plus Featuring Smart Connector

Our wait is about to end as September 7th is just around the corner. Apple will soon be inviting press and media to its iPhone launch event in San Francisco so that they can see the new iPhone 7 for the first themselves and get details on its technical offerings.

But even the fact that the release date is just around the corner hasn’t calmed the flow of additional media making its way to the public with claims about how the phone new iPhone will look like.

The recent images of the new iPhone which have made their way into the public eye via Weibo depict an iPhone with a design that we have come to expect.

The phone looks quite similar to the iPhone 6S except the antenna bands that are now placed on the bottom and top of the phone as well as the new pill shaped camera space which will contain the new dual lens camera system that is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus model.

The media leak has brought the discussion about whether there will be a space black option available or not back to the forefront.

Over the months we have heard claims that we will be given a space black option which is amazing for all those people who own the space black Apple Watch as both of them will look amazing together but we have also heard claims that deny the existence of a space black model

. Another thing this media leak has done is bring back those rumors which claimed that the iPhone 7 plus model will come with a smart connector. This opens up the gates to a whole host of new accessories which will exclusively be compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus.

But thankfully we don’t have to stress to much over whether these rumors will turn out to be real or not because our wait is in fact very short now.

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