Apple hiring new people to become part of Project Titan

Apple is busy working on its top secret Project Titan which many believe has something to do with Apple Car. Exec Bob Mansfield was brought back by Apple to head the project and he has made Dan Dodge who was formerly a spearhead for BlackBerry’s automotive software group his first hire.

Dan had been working for Blackberry since 2010 when his software firm was acquired by BlackBerry. He has a lot of experience in working automotive software which is Apple’s current area of focus. Initially a whole car was under works for the team according to rumors but the recent slew of rumors suggest that Project Titan might be directed towards a self-driving software which will be compatible with other cars.

The hierarchy of the project is as follows: Dodge reports to John Wright who is the software lead who then reports to Mansfield who has to report to CEO Tim Cook. Apple wants the product to hit the market by 2020 but at this point we are unsure to what the product actually is.

It could be a car or a self-driving software which will be compatible with a platform not owned by the company. Tim Cook has been teasing us with the progress of the team for a while now but no concrete information about Project Titan has been made public yet. What we do know from the little Cook has told us is that the project is still under the R&D phase.

Source: Bloomberg

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