New adaptor accessory for iPhone 7 revealed in latest leaked video.

The removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack from the new iPhone has been a topic of much debate and discussion amongst anybody who is a fan of iPhones or interested in the tech world.

Now that it has been confirmed that iPhone 7 will not have the 3.55 mm jack the question of its replacement arises.

Speculations have led us to believe that we might get to see Lightening enabled EarPods or Bluetooth Airpods. But the easiest solution to solving this problem came to light last month when a rumor suggested that the new iPhone box with come with a Lightening to 3.55 adapter.

  A new video which has surfaced suggests that this might actually be the approach Apple takes to solve the issue. The video contains an adapter which connect into the lightening port at one end and accepts the headphone in the 3.55 mm jack it has on the other end.

According to the leak the adapter accessory originates from a Foxconn Apple supplier factory in Vietnam. At this time period the adapter only works with the iOS 10 beta release.

It seems as though our wait for a new generation of audio accessories in not over yet.

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