Apple Watch 2 expected to release in September or October this year

According to another claim made by DigiTimes which is famous for being wrong as much as it is being right when it comes to its reports, we can accept the Apple Watch 2 to launch in September or October.

According to the report Apple has sent out conservative orders for the new watch to interested parties to introduce the new watch to the world. When the first Apple watch was made available last year it took months to actually get hold of it due to its insane popularity unlike the situation now when you get the watch whenever you visit an Apple store.

Sales since the launch have been dismal and Apple will be foolhardy to expect the same response as the first time around. Keeping all this in mind Apple has chosen to keep the orders for the new watch on the conservative side.

Interest in the watch can be rekindled if Apple redesigns the chassis of the watch and gives improved battery time in addition to a lighter and smaller case. Rumors suggest otherwise though and drastic changes to functionality is the only thing that will bolster sales of an upgrade which looks exactly the same as its previous model.

However we are not be able to comment more on the functionality of the new Apple Watch 2 at the moment.

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