iOS 10 will now warn you if there is liquid inside the lightening port

Your iPhone will now be able to pre warn you whenever it risks suffering from water damage thanks to a system put in place in iOS 10. The screen lights up with a warning whenever the device detects water in its lightening port.

This pretty great because it informs the phone user of the minimal damage that water might be causing to the iPhone which would otherwise have gone undetected.

The screen lights up with a warning whenever moisture or liquid is detected in the lightening port thanks to the sensors placed there so that the user can disconnect the lightening accessory.

The warning however only shows when you try to plug something into the lightening port however. For the time being the feature is only available in those device which have an iOS 10 beta active like the iPhone 6S.

The feature might become part of the official iOS 10 release if Apple decides to keep it.

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