Another leaked video shows Space Black iPhone 7

The rumor mill is going crazy about the new iPhone 7 which means that the release is just around the corner. We already know what the phone will look like thanks to endless leaks and the following discussions but the colors we might get still have a little mystery left to them.

It is quite clear that the new iPhone range will be an evolution of the 6S series in terms of both design and features but whether we will have more colors to choose from then the available four remains to be the question.

We have no concrete evidence which would lead us to believe that we will get anything other the already available Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Space Grey options but we have heard from here and there that Apple might be working on a Deep Blue or a Space Black option for the new iPhone as well.

The rumors were regarded as false recently but ConceptsiPhone just posted a video that apparently shows the new iPhones side by side. The video shows a Space Black iPhone next to the Gold and the Rose Gold iPhones. The video quality isn’t very good which means that what appears to be Space Black could actually just be a darker version of the Space Grey. So don’t get too excited and get your hopes high.

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