iOS 10 Improves The CarPlay Feature

Apple’s keynote at WWDC was truly a treat as we got learn about all the cool new things in-store for us with iOS 10. The main focus was given to what iOS has to offer to an iPhone, iPad and an iPod touch.

CarPlay which is a vehicle infotainment system by Apple was not given much attention even though iOS 10 brings a few improvements to this too. Therefore we are going to take a look at everything new iOS ten has brought to CarPlay.

As with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which can now remove the stock apps with iOS 10, you can do the same with CarPlay. This stems from the rhetoric that not all preinstalled stock apps are of use to the car owner and therefore they be given a chance to delete them.

To actually do this you go into Settings > General > CarPlay > [Your Car/Receiver Name] which is connected to the iPhone in use. The next step is to simply click on “-” to delete the app and “+” to reinstall.

Secondly you can now rearrange Apps on your Home Screen. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but it does provide users some comfort in rearranging the apps in order of preference.

You can take this action by going into Settings > General > CarPlay > [Your Car/Receiver Name through the connected iPhone. After this all you have to do is tap and hold onto the icon.

This will let you move them around however you want. The changes that appear on the iPhone display will be mirrored in the car’s dash display.

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