This Is Why iMessage Isn’t Available On Android

We were first introduced to iMessage back in 2011 as a feature of iOS 5 by Apple executive Scott Forstall to much appreciation. This one of a type, unique messaging platform is only available with devices which have iOS or macOS, so it’s sort of exclusive.

Before the WWDC we were sort of expecting that Apple might be able to give up this exclusive claim and extend iMessage to Android platforms, but that didn’t happen. And now we have an answer as to why, which is that Apple just doesn’t have a reason to.

This demand that Apple launch iMessage as a cross platform feature, available on Android intensified when Apple Music became available with a Google owned OS. But a conversation between tech journalist Walt Mossberg and a Senior Apple Executive has given us insight into why this is not the case for iMessage.

The decision hasn’t been taken lightly by Apple and there has been much debate on the topic and whether it would be a good move for Apple. But it seems that Tim Cook doesn’t really see the need of porting iMessage to Android and taking away from the exclusivity of the iOS experience.

It turns out of that Apple has more the 1 billion devices in use which represents and adequate data set for Apple to introduce any artificial intelligence products it might be developing. Making iMessage available on non-Apple devices might result in lower sales and this might be the actual reason why Apple refuses to make it available on another platform.

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