Concept Video Shows Apple’s Magic Keyboard With OLED Touch Panel


We were all expecting Apple to launch the new MacBook Pro with a capacitive OLED touch panel at the WWDC 16 based on the rumors but that didn’t happen, although whenever the launch does happen the OLED touch panel will most assuredly be a key feature.

But this progression towards screen on keyboards has sparked a whole new idea of a screen built into the Apple’s magic keyboard. So to give this idea a visual the team at Curved came up with a concept video which shows an Apple Magic keyboard with built in touch based display and it looks stunning.

What makes this truly unique and extraordinary isn’t the fact that is a replacement for the Fn keys but the fact that we will be able to see playback controls in graphical form on the screen sort of like the Control Centre controls in iOS.

So overall this is a brilliant idea especially the part where we have the option of customizing the screen at the top of the keyboard. If this turns into a reality then this technology would be compatible with almost everything starting from a Mac and ending at an iPhone.

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