A Peak At iPhone 7 Plus Running On iOS 10

Mathijs Schrauwen

We will soon be able run and test the iOS 10 on the much awaited iPhone 7 as the release is almost here but in the meanwhile we can prepare ourselves for what to expect based on all the rumors and leaks available.

Most of these rumors estimate that the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be similar to what we already have with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in terms of language design. So Designer Mathijs Schrauwen decided on combining all of these rumors and came up with a concept design for iPhone 7 which is running on iOS 10. He has chosen to include the much awaited dual-lens camera in his renders for the concept.

The placement of the camera is the same as before which is the top left on the back of the phone in a pill shaped aperture. An additional mic seems to be situated under the camera alongside an LED flash for low light conditions. There are three dots all measuring up to an equal distance from one another situated at the bottom of the back case.

These seem to be inspired by iOS apps which tell us that there is more content or pictures to go through. These might be an indication that Schrauwen believes that we will have the option of connecting newer accessories to the iPhone 7 thanks to the Smart Connector port. Considering the variety of accessories, the option for Smart Connector will probably just be reserved for iPhone 7 Plus.

In these renders for the concept we can observe that the Schrauwen wants the rumors for the redesigned antenna bands to come true. So keeping in line with this hope, he has placed the bands at the top and the bottom of the iPhone. Lastly the design has replaced the icon mechanical Home button with a touch sensitive Home button. This inclusion is probably made on the basis of the rumor which predicted such a change.

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