Apple To Release Siri SDK At WWDC

Apple is responding to the accusation of being slow to enter the home-based digital assistant market. According to the reports by The Information, Apple is expected to rectify this by its launch of Siri SDK at the WWDC 2016 event.

The new device will be Apples entering point into the home-assistant game and will be a competitor for the Amazon Echo and Google home devices which are on their way. According to the report from The Information the first step into entering this market is the revamping of Siri, Apples current digital assistant software. Siri is currently being held back as it is only able to deal with selected third parties when you compare it to its competitors, Amazon and Google especially with the upcoming launch of Google home.

According to the claims made by the reports, the launch of Siri SDK will give developers straight access to Siri so that they can take full advantage of its voice recognizing capabilities. With Apple placing Siri into the hands of app developers through its yet unannounced SDK, endless possibilities open up.

Developers of apps such as Domino’s will give users the option to use Siri to order their pizzas or order Uber rides, amongst many other possibilities. The recent announcement of Google home by Google at its Google I/O developer conference gave Amazon Echo a run for its money in the home-based digital assistant market and Apple is ready to follow up on its heels with the launch of its own device.

Apple is currently facing competition from all angles as Siri will not only have to compete with big guns such as Google and Amazon but also be on a look out for smaller alternatives such as Hound, not to forget the competition put forward by Viv.

Now all that is left to see is that who comes up with the best living room hardware to accompany their software and whose software does the best job of making it easier for developers to take advantage of. 

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