iPhone 7 Screen Protector And Cases Hints At Same Design as iPhone 6S


The new iPhone has us all in a frenzy and the rumor mill is  going a little crazy. If we are to believe rumors then the new iPhone doesn’t have anything new to offer in terms of its shape and design. If you were expecting an altogether new outlook for the new iPhone, you will be disappointed.

It seems like apple plans on carrying out the same slim and rounded look it chose for the previous two generations; the iPhone 6 and 6S. And well, we might have gotten proof to corroborate this rumor during the Computers Unlimited Exposed in London where some screen protectors and cases were displayed.

It was apparently discovered that the glass screen protector and casing designs being displayed by Cygnett were for the new iPhone and not for its predecessor as reported by pocket-lint. Sadly these screen protectors and cases looked exactly like those available for an iPhone 6S, so much so that almost all the new case designs for iPhone 7 were wrapped around an iPhone 6s which predicts that they are pretty much same in the size department too.

The screen protectors on the other hand had two sensor holes above the microphone instead of one. According to reports some iPhone 6S models had the same feature although sightings of this have been rare. On the other hand it remains a mystery as to why apple would want two sensors on the new model instead of one.

Over all we suggest caution when it comes to believing whether these designs were genuinely based on the specs of the new iPhone 7 as we cannot make an official claim about their authenticity. We will just have to wait and see as to what else the rumor mill cooks up about the new iPhone till September, until then we will just have to satisfy ourselves with our guesswork based on any leak we are able to get our hands on.

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