New iPhone 7 Leak Reaffirms Dual-Lens Camera For iPhone 7 Plus

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In the wait for the new iPhone 7, anticipation has generated quite a lot of rumors about the sort of features the new model will boast. The awaiting masses had just been informed via leak that the new iPhone would debut a dual lens camera but their bubble burst when new pictures of the schematics discovered on Baidu by HD blog were released.

It was inferred that only those willing to invest in an iPhone 7 Plus would get to enjoy this feature, a fact that became evident after looking at the pictures of the two models side by side. It might also seem that those waiting for the inclusion of the smart connector would also have to face disappointment as it was seemingly missing from the schematics of both the larger and the smaller model.

This expectation that the new iPhone would host this technology is a result of a previously generated rumor which expected the new model to include the smart connector as a prominent feature, first launched in the iPad pro. The relentless rumor mill also predicted that apple would launch the new iPhone 7 with a capacity of up to 256 GB.

The rumors did not however specify if both the simple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus would have this extraordinary amount of space or if this would be just limited to the iPhone 7 Plus. Although much of this is just speculation and depends on the authenticity of the available schematics, people are welcoming any new information.

Regardless we do not have to wait for very long to find out which rumor turn out to be true as September is almost just around the corner. We will soon be hearing Tim Cook make the official announcements and can only hope that he is able to fulfill all our expectations for the new iPhone.

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