iPhone 7 Orders Much Higher Than What Analysts Expected

iPhone 7 is the most anticipated Smartphone of the year. According to the statistics report, the quantity of units Apple has planned to ship is much higher than the analysts presumed.

Apple iPhone 7 orders could be around 72-78 million units  given by suppliers, as the Taiwanese business newspaper Economic Daily News reported. The orders would lie drastically higher than it was expected; analysts have expected to cover approximately 65 million units.

Foxconn is going to take over the major production line again. Besides featuring 3GB of LPDD4 RAM for iPhone 7 it is also expected that Apple will place a touch sensitive home button in iPhone 7 with an amazing waterproof chassis. There will be a rubber seal placed at the outer line of the iPhone body to prevent water from soaking.

Apple is expected to announce iPhone 7 in September. As said by the previously leaked information, the new model could externally similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. It seems that Apple is out of ideas when it comes to designing their phones. iPhone SE is the biggest example which houses the 6S internals in the more than 2 years old iPhone 5S.

iPhone 7 is also expected to come with huge 3,100mAh battery along with 256GB storage option. Apple fans and tech analysts are expecting a lot more from Apple this time as we have not seen any jaw dropping innovation from Apple in the recent times. Samsung along with Huawei and other smartphone manufacturers are giving tough time to Apple not only in terms of the price of the phones but their features too.

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