Upcoming MacBook Pro Will Feature Touch ID

In the second half of 2016, Apple projected to significantly overhaul its flagship laptop lineup. Ming-Chi Kuo, the KGI analyst predicted that Apple will commence its next-generation of 13-inch MacBook lineup within the third quarter of this year.

The KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo states in a note that the upcoming Macbook Pro will be completely redesigned. This exclusive MacBook Pro design will be a fascinating approach to launch lighter and much thinner hardware.

In particular, Kuo firmly anticipates the picked strategy to launch a Touch ID fingerprint reader feature within the innovative MacBook Pro Chassis. If Apple installs Touch ID in MacBooks, it would be the first non-iOS implementation of the biometric security system.

Since decades Apple strives to engage in leading strategies,and now the analyst expect a near finishing point of significant MacBook Air series development. The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air upgrades are expected to stand still.

The new MacBook Pro is expected to come with an OLED display touch bar along with the Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology. The new models will also integrate USB-C Thuderbolt 3. According to Kuo, “Apple considers believing that thinner and lighter is better”. So Apple endeavors to constrict their MacBook Pro’s  with powerful innards and entrails.

If all the attributes will develop as perfectly as described by Kuo then Apple’s Laptop lineup is expected to excel the market and Macbook Air will be positioned as a budget device while MacBook Pro will remain the flagship Mac OS device.

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