Apple aims to bring the entire product line in India Says Tim Cook

Tim Cook recently visited India for the first time in his role as CEO and met business leaders and artists. Cook gave a detailed interview to the broadcaster NDTV and talked about Apple Pay along with the used iPhones.

Cook, talks about important points of his travel agenda in an interview with Vikram Chandra that published by the news Paper “The Hindu”. Moreover, the Apple CEO also talked about the main initiatives they have planned for India, including bringing the entire existing products and services of Apple to the colossal Indian market. Cook said that he has a good feeling that in the coming months the mobile network will substantially alleviate. Cook also commented on the certified Used-iPhone and said he wants to bring more Apple technology at affordable rates in India; the sale of used equipment with full warranty is good for the country. Yet they may not start an Apple store in India.

In his short visit to the country, he said that he erudite a lot about Indian culture and business; these are the focal bare bones Apple has to understand if the company wants to gain grip in India. Users in India often lose out. iBooks and Apple Pay are currently not available in India; mobile streaming is often impossible with low download speed however Cook is optimistic with the clear message: “We want to bring every service we offer, to India.”

Furthermore, he said that growing and foothold in the Indian market is one of the top five priorities of for Apple. There is a big concern that Apple is facing a rough time footing in China, but Apple has high hopes that one day it will be the largest market in India.

A cheap iPhone for India will not happen: Apple would not enter the competitive market of low-cost smartphones. However, it would try to reduce the prices for iPhones in India. Currently users pay for tax purposes equivalent of US customers, with limited functionality. In India, Apple will continue to operate as California Company. Amazon and Samsung have a different strategy, explains the Moderator: Many Indians are keeping for Indian companies – because advertising and marketing are more tailored to the Indian market. Conversely Cook said that “We are who we are”. However, it is important, to look at the Indian market closely and offer the best products for it.

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