Apple lands in weaker demands as lack of innovation shoots up

The first YoY decline was seen by Apple this year for which CEO Tim Cook holds the upgrade cycle for iPhone 6s and its series to blame. Although the iPhone SE was low priced, yet decline was seen during the second year too as the next year speculations also contain decline.

The said sales have put tremendous pressure on Apple’s distributors who have already been enjoying a lot of perks because of the same phone in the past too.

Japan Display has reported almost $300 million as a loss  till that year’s March while Taiwanese also slower sales spiral going further down as they receive very little orders as compared to the previous year including the holiday peak season as well.

Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company which is also Apple’s supplier, has also received lesser orders for 30 pc lesser chips during the second half of the year. The next all depends upon iPhone 7’s lack of innovation due to which the current competition has increased too much according to Nikkei. It is also being said that 70 to 80 pc lesser chip production will occur from June to December for the latest A10 chips.

Largan Precision, LG Display, Catcher Technology, Foxconn as well as Pegatron, who are large Apple suppliers have also faced the same too.  Largan had its first decline in three years during the last quarter for its camera while since December the company has had nothing but decline in sales. Its company’s chief executive has already hinted that it is due to a big names decline that has lead to the situation.

The phone however is going to be equipped with no 3.5 mm headphones, dual camera system, smart connector with a 5.5 inch 3GB RAM when it finally arrives.

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