iPhone 7 new leaks reveal edge to edge display


According to rumors, the iPhone 7 is much likely to be like iPhone 6s but it speculates that the 2017’s phone will be marking the 10th anniversary of its initial launch, which is why it will feature many big changes as well.

According to the pod cast The Talk Show, the phone features an edge to edge display screen without any bezels on top or at bottom. The display along with the front camera and Touch ID will face it all. However the size of the screen is yet not known if it is going to be big or a compact one.

Last rumors that speculate Apple planning a flexible OLED screen for 2017 does in fact give room for the edge to edge display to become true while one cannot forget the signing of Apple with Samsung for a fair amount of OLED panels that would be needed for the same.

On the other hand it is also said that he September 2017 release iPhone 7 could be a 5.8” OLED screen with 5.5 inch device edges. Now working of such a size without bezel is something which yet remains to be found out anyway but the glass shell just like the previous models will also be featured for the latest phone.

Greater biometric features and long range wireless charging are also some features that the phone is supposed to come with while a 10 nm A11 chip from TSMC and NAND flash memory by Samsung is also expected.

Since Apple has been working with touch developments and their integrations (TTDI) chips for more than a year now, hence having a Touch ID and fingerprint sensor directly in display won’t be much difficult for them as the Home button would have to bid farewell.

It is also being said that the S name will be eliminated which means no 7S or 7S Plus will be hitting the market but instead the iPhone 8 will make way.

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