iPhone 7 ‘s official design and dimensions

There had been numerous leaks pouring in for Apple’s new iPhone 7 but thankfully the official word for its design and dimensions has been out.

NWE gave the official dimensions as being 138.30 mm in length and 67.12mm in width which means it is almost same as the previous iPhone 6S. It is also being said that the waterproof chassis shall be having a touch sensitive home button along with its 4.7 inch screen but how that is going to be possible, is still not known well.

Huge expectations of increased 3,100 mAh battery and storage of up to 256 GB is also expected as an attraction for people upgrading from their previous 128GB experience at a price.

The iPhone 7 Plus is also said to have greater benefits if the battery specification turns out to be true while the bezel-less display confirmation has made both of them very attractive than their previous versions. An EMI shielding technology is also expected from the same though the biggest addition would be the dual camera system to give improved photo and video experience.

While rumors suggest the presence of the headphone jack though analyst speculate the opposite, not much is known yet and eventually one would have to wait until the launch is made.

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