Apple iPad Air 3 rumor

The smaller iPad Pro by Apple came with its first upgrade for the series which is why people had been thinking if the iPad Air line shall be discontinued since its last line up was two years back in 2014.

However rumors for the iPad Air 3 have been around and today the Chinese people have been speculating that the tablet shall soon be there with new features of upgraded performance. There has been very little information regarding this since there is no Apple hardware event lined up until after summers at least hence a launch could be expected at the same time.

Just like what happened with iPhone SE’s undying rumors, the iPad Air 3 has been speculated to have an increased RAM according to IThome because the 9.7 inch iPad Pro did not have any increased RAM but focused on software at that time.

It is important here to note that Apple did use the iPad Air to debut the A8X and since the iPad Pro has already been launched, there are greater chances of A10X being introduced through the iPad Air 3.

Hence, it is said that A10X together with 3GB RAM shall be a great upgrade for the iPad Air 3 as display and camera features have already been flaunted in the 9.7 inch iPad Pro and that iPad Air 3 shall even do better.

This seems quite pleasing as nothing can stop Apple from doing so while it will render its old 12.9 inch iPad useless with the release of A10X with 3GB RAM. It seems like the iPad Air 3 does sound convincing for a launch while nothing can be said surely until there is some official news regarding the same

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