iPhone 7 leaks suggest no Smart Connector

There have been many speculations depicting that the new iPhone 7 shall be featuring Smart Connector options at its rear chassis but leaks revealed recently suggest the opposite.

AppleInsider was told by Danbo from Macotakara on Friday that the phone ended up wit not having it installed at the end. It is not known how and when these Smart Connector leaks made it and why Apple has just right in the end decided to not keep the function in its next generation phone when only few months are left for September’s launch.

This could still be a bad leak though and may be the Smart Connector port shall be available just like the iPad Pro fro recharging and connecting wit Smart Keyboards and stuff. Maybe the phone will be having it and would be speculatively charged by the Lightning port with headphones and other capabilities.

Its design has been named as the Bender phone since it has a resemblance with the dual camera lens from Bender’s Futurama as the iPhone is supposed to be heavy with its dual camera lens support. The back antenna lines and the 3.5 mm headphone jack have also been said to be done away with though other leaks have pointed the opposite too.

Tim Cook had challenged to have improved and double secrecy but with the leaks still going on and the prevailing confusion, it seems that Tim is surely winning.

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