Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit to China

According to Reuters, the Cupertino based Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook shall be visiting Beijing, China soon in May in order to meet some executive government officials so that its setbacks in the country can be addressed with.

Cook shall be meeting the senior government as well as the Communist Party leaders so that they can discuss the issues that have led to the decline in iPhone sales and control in the country which had become its second largest market.

Apple’s sales had fell down by 26 pc in China during the second quarter after which the Billionaire Carl Icahn (who previously held major stocks for three years) gave away all his stocks due to China’s attitude with the company.

Cook shall be discussing issues with the Communist Party leaders as well since a state campaign had been done to control online content and issue strict localization of data storage by the Communist Party’s propaganda wing.

This had lead to Apple’s iTunes Movies as well as iBooks to be forcibly sent offline last month by the Chinese State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. It is said that this was seen when a movie named Ten Years despite being banned had won the best picture prize at the Hong Kong Film Awards in April. This was because iTunes in Hong Kong had already released the movie and that was what led to the closure of the stores.

Among the many companies that are very deeply rooted in many country’s core industries, Apple is also one of them besides IBM, Qualcomm and Microsoft etc.

Nevertheless, Eddy Cue says that Apple has learned to maintain a good relationship within the country through its launch of Apple Music, iTunes and iBooks stores despite such censorship problems within the country.

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