New Apple iPhone 7 leaks deny absence of the headphone jack


There is no doubt that all phones have been in continuous rumors and leaks until they are finally revealed but it is different for the iPhone which is gushing through leaks not due to its looks or specs but one 3.5 mm headphone jack feature.

While many known analysts and experts as well as the iOS codebase suggests that the phone shall come without the 3.5 mm headphones jack, a photo from Weibo as suggested the opposite.

The leaked photo clearly indicates the presence through a lightning cable assembly as an official iPhone component though it could also be some Chinese manufacturer’s local part too.

This assembly is different from their previous iPhone 6S and shows the cable which is also used for charging as well as syncing purposes in addition to the cellular antennae cable need.

One thing is clear however that now nothing can be said until the phone has been finally revealed for the debate remains open for all until then.

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