Apple’s new patent looks much like the Apple Pencil


A new patent was granted to Apple on Tuesday which looked somewhat similar to its previous Apple Pencil being used with the 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

The USPTO gave the US Patent no 9,329,702 dated 2011 by the name of the Intelligent Stylus.

The looks might be similar but it is surely different in specs as it as pressure sensitive sensors in the form of interchangeable nibs.

The pressure sensitive sensors collect the data themselves that help the interchangeable nibs to change their size or angle based on the number of distinct codes that have been provided to them. Hence, the brush strokes are changed in accordance with the characteristics required for drawing or writing.

In addition to this, the size and orientation is known through the touch ID fingerprint sensor that employs security further into the stylus. Though this feature was expected to be feasible through Bluetooth technology in the original Apple Pencil but the news that they are already working on the stylus, just months after its release is surprising.

On the other hand, there is no news regarding the next iPad Pro if one is thinking that it is being designed to be used with it.

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