The new Apple Support site is here with its new features

The Apple Support site was updated today with a totally new look that has new ways for user interactions. It has many different blocks especially the three help options.

The first has a Quick Links search bar for the provision of answers rather than waiting for their search result. The second has support for the device in which they need help and the last one has Popular Topics feature in order to manage their Apple photos or IDs.

The other sets of blocks have helping sections that can be coordinated with other Apple users at the Apple Support Community for warranty checks, repairs and Apple Support contact etc.

The other final two blocks have dedicated Apple Workshops as in retail and list out recalls along with replacement programs. This site is also for use with mobile users as well.

It has been seen that Apple has been doing out much for its user’s supports for their products and services over the past few months. The Apple Support Twitter account is also one of them which got so adaptive and successful that it almost has about 100 tweets every passing hour.

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