Apple Watch loses marketshare despite selling 2.2 million pieces

Apple had control of about 63 pc of the market with 5.1 million units according to Strategy Analytics but this came with an unusual decline in shipments that came down during the holidays from 8.1 million to just 4.2 million.

It was due to the rising competition by Motorolla, LG and many others that the shift was seen although Apple was still the market leader among all. Samsung which is the number two also saw its sales decline. Samsung came down to 14.3 pc i.e. 600,000 units from 16 pc i.e. only 1.3 million units.

The sales official data still remains to be published for the Watch which leaves all researchers getting their rates of retail traffic etc to compute the numbers.

We already know that Tim Cook would say that the Watch has been on expectations and the same patterns would be seen as that of the iPod since it had double the revenue that the debut iPhone made.

The watch has no doubt enjoyed a wider and different distribution but according to Strategy Analytics Cliff Raskind, the honeymoon period is over and the second generation Watch shall be successful only when it has plus features like improved battery, cellular connections etc.

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