Google wearables to be swappable just like Apple’s

The new bands for Android Wear have been designed by b&d Hadley Roma as the new Mode snap-and-swap which are swappable wearables just like the Apple Watch. These come with a button through which the band can be changed.

These Android watches come in four different widths that can be used for all Android as well as mechanical watches whereas they are also available as silicone and leather straps.

With Apple Watch selling more than 14 million units, which is even double than what was sold with the first iPhone launch sales, Apple has also become the name for smart watches through its variety of styles and widely available range of colors now.  It has also recently introduced the product line exclusively for women in woven nylon styles and newer colors available for $299 as the reduction price.

It is also known that the second line of Apple watch is soon to come though the date is yet unknown. The newer features however include the next generation S2 chip and the new data LTE Radio.

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