Apple’s continuity Handoff feature likely to be copied by Microsoft

According to a post to Windows Insider on Reddit, there appears a privacy setting that enables many applications on your devices to start apps and then continue using them over through Bluetooth. The Project Rome was given earlier this month by Microsoft at the Build developer conference which gave the feature to enable connection, management as well as control to any connected app through the cloud service.

These are however features from the already explored arena by Apple which has brought the Bluetooth powered connectivity suite first given to OS X Yosemit and iOS 8. The features are now seen in Windows which shall benefit only a smaller range since the Windows 10 already does not have a cell-phone platform available that can in any way be comparable to iPhone and iPad’s 1 billion community.

This continuity feature is no doubt an enhancement as integration takes place within Mac to iOS devices, but with the introduction of Apple Watch the continuity feature has found great new meaning again.

Windows 10 also doesn’t have any Watch or wearables that would match this feature hence it is Apple that shall still lead. It indicates this that Microsoft may be finding Apple as an inspiration for its new goals but this might seem hard for the limted-to-laptops Windows 10 which is getting limited day by day.

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