The 12 inch MacBook has some serious tear-down reveals

An in-depth hardware tear-down condition of the 12 inch MacBook has been revealed by iFixit which showcases that only a few minor changes have been done in it as compared to its previous slim model.

The USB-C Type has been modified as permanent fixes of the cable to the board which was actually not feasible for the previous model. Also the previous tri-wing repairing screw has been replaced by a newer Phillips screw though the notebook’s Torx hinge screws have tampering-proof substances already if you use it to do the same.

The battery is also a 41.4 watt-hour one which is not too much than the 39.7 watt-hour 2015 battery while there are no other motherboard or outlooks that might vary. However the rose gold color is what you might call an addition if you want with the update 2991 EMC number.

Moreover the repairing score is also the least out of 10 and the same goes for the RAM, processor and logic board which are all attached to the lower glued battery.

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