Apple Watch 2 leaks and expectations

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has been found to be working over the Apple Watch 2 by adding a cellular network connection and a faster processor to it. This in turn gives rise to the need for a separate package connection needed by users in addition to their already arranged iPad or iPhone packages.

If this rumor is to be true, users shall greatly benefit from using GPS, making calls and sending messages as well as streaming independent of their iPhone. There is no doubt that consumers had already been demanding for an independent need.

These rumors seem quite true up till now as the company has demanded the return of all native apps to Apple Stores by latest 1st June 2016. This way the Apple Watch shall become easily accessible to faster opening of apps rather than making Bluetooth connections first.

The addition of the faster processor shall also be greatly encouraged provided the need for a better faster overall user interface is met.

All things said, it looks like Apple has made the changes because it has known just like Wall Street Journal (which achieved the same through survey) that the Apple Watch sales were double in comparison to iPhone’s debut launch sales.

As regards to the rumors, some say that the watch shall have no changes in the outlook but shall only focus on its specifications to be released with the iPhone 7. Others say that the watch shall be 40 pc thinner than its previous model and shall make it soon in June.

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