All Apple Watch OS apps to be native by 1st June

Apple announced today that all its new watch OS apps shall be made native by the arrival of 1st June 2016 to be in compliance with the software development kit for the same.

This way all complains regarding third party lazy watch apps shall be done away with as the Apple watch0S 2 will make way in June soon after the device goes out in the market.

The new SDK shall enable all developers to develop their own customized watchface in addition to configuring Apple Watch hardware elements like Taptic Engine, Digital Crown along with loudspeaker and microphone. The health support kit shall include biometrics collecting database besides writing the workout data in to the Activity application.

The last watchOS 2 version had made it in September including various new developments in its interfaces and other integral parts such as the Siri, Apple Pay and Wallet, Maps and many more.

It had been quite disappointing for users when third party apps had given under rated performance since Apple watchOS 2 had given way for developers to give their native apps. This way the watch could be run without data transfer from one place to the other from the host but the slow loading problem eventually slashed out these advantages.

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