iPhone SE continues to give all other competitors a hard time in China

Despite being the local famous manufacturers there, Chinese mobile brands Xiami and Huawei both are finding themselves in hot water as the iPhone SE sales continue to ramp up comparatively. While the phone continues to be the most inexpensive iPhone ever, hence the Chinese have found their way to enjoy the powerful Apple brand through the smaller flagship.

Xiaomi and Huawei both had been doing tremendously well in the past in their countries due to their low prices, high quality and support but the situation just kind of toppled with the release of the iPhone SE.

Hence, 2016 could in fact be a huge year for Apple in China since the iPhone 7 series is also due in September this year, for its last year showed the first ever fall in the country for the company.

According to Digitimes, it is the price which has taken away the game from the locals including Xiaomi Technology, Vivo, Huawei and Oppo as the 4 inch March released smart phone powers its features from the iPhone 6 series.

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