Apple’s Tim Cook makes it to the 100 most influentials list

The Cupertino based company’s CEO Tim Cook made it to the 100 most influential people’s list yet again this year in the TIME magazine’s yearly list. The TIMES recognizes all those who have brought a significant change in the world.

Tim Cook is acknowledged as the Titan besides people like Yuri Milner, Sachin Bansal, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Binny, Pope Francis and Wang Jianlin. Every influential has a featured essay scripted by their associates while Tim’s include that written by Bob Iger who is Disney’s CEO.

It asserts that there is no denying the fact that Apple is known throughout the world for its innovations that revolutionize the world and create new connections for moving on in life. It is the company’s success which is truly dependent on its leader as to how he takes it along with him to produce exceptional out of the box ideas and then implement them with full quality and class too.

Hence, he adds that Tim is undoubtedly such a leader in addition to being extremely soft spoken and simultaneously having in depth conviction. He knows what is right at the right time and for the right reasons that take him to unimaginable horizons of recognition. This therefore creates respect for all his values and trades.

it is nothing new that Tim is on the list, for he has made it to the list several times as he was also nominated as the TIME person of the year in 2014 when he publicized his sexual orientation in addition to being a privately scandalous personality.

There have also been others on the 2016 list which include actors, world leaders, scientists and others like Priscilla, Mark Zuckerberg, Adele, Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama, Aziz Ansari, Sundar Pichai, Stephen Curry, YouTuber Pewdiepie etc.

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