Apple considers switching from Qualcomm modem for iPhone 7

At its earning calls, the Qualcomm CEO asserted that Apple might be partly switching from their modems for their new iPhone 7.

It was on Wednesday that Steve Mollenkopf expressed his concerns to be assumingly losing a big Qualcomm consumer according to Bloomberg’s sources. He did not mention the name actually but it Apple and Samsung who hold that position with them while Samsung has many other suppliers already.

It could be the same for Apple too, who might think of using other modern suppliers to keep up with the dealing too. However this monopoly breaking strategy could also turn differently since the newer different modem could work out any differently with respect to power consumption and network connections too.

Who the secondary or replacing supplier would be, is still unknown but it is sure that Intel is in the names. October reports depict Intel getting modems for the newer iPhones when Apple had sent an engineer’s team for the optimization of the new modem.

The iPhone 7 which is expected by the end of September this year might be having the Intel modem. However it is necessary for the company to start away with Intel soon if it wants to start production in July to have ample of time for prior testing and component production.

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