Apple retrieves 61 million pounds of recycling materials in 2015

According to the latest Apple Environmental responsibility report, the company took about 90 million pounds of materials used in electronics and managed to recover 61 million pounds through its recycling initiative in the year 2015.

Most of the material consisted of Steel which accounted for 23 million pounds in addition to 13 million pounds of plastics and 12 million pounds of glass. There were also other materials which include lesser amounts (4.5 million pounds) of Aluminum.

Rich minerals such as Gold were also a part of the venture through which 2,204 pounds of Gold whereas 6,612 pounds of Silver were recovered by amounts of $43 million and $1.7 million respectively.

Apple’s March 21st event also has Liam, the Apple device deconstructing robot in limelight. This tears apart devices as efficiently as possible in terms of recycling and separating dangerous chemicals from them.


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