Japan earthquake affects iPhone camera production

The earthquake near Kyushu Island in Japan engendered Apple’s supplier Sony’s Kumamoto image sensor factory to be closed recently. Hence the production of the components that make the iPhone shall be postponed for an indefinite amount of time according to Reuters. However it has been seen that current iPhone deliveries shall remain unaffected by the phenomena.

The company has secondary inventories of course that have led them to the result that they shall publicize it, if any component shortage problem persists.

It was two big earthquakes on Saturday that rendered 40 lives useless along with many hundreds injured. Aftershocks have also been experienced shortly ever since then.

Many other Japanese tech giants and their production places have been affected.  While Sony’s shortage has been managed but Mitsubishi’s automotive industry is surely facing the wrath. The industry is full of scheduled demands that require extremely complex processes which have been developed over through years of experience and hard work.

This is however not new for any industry that relies on production in a smaller confined area. Previously, the Thailand 2011 floods had also done the same and rates had gone extremely high for all PC makers and cloud suppliers as it took many years again to build up the same.

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