New ‘Ultra-Thin’ MacBooks Launching in Second Half of 2016

Over the year, Apple MacBook’s have been reported to have a full design revolution in which many internal components shall also be changed to have the slimmer look. According to Digitimes, one of the most key features includes the incorporation of metal injection mold-made hinges.

This is a feature that which makes very small metal pieces that are mostly used by Apple to kae its internal phone and watch components and now this technology is being used for the MacBook as well to have that thinner outlook.

Amphenol shall be providing it’s highly website claimed thinnest hinges as it collaborates with Microsoft to supply hinges for the Microsoft Surface 4.

Since Apple has indeed been working on slimmer designs for its MacBook likely to be released after the WWDC 2016, hence the reports could be true too. Now which MacBook this news relates to, is still unknown since the new upcoming attractions include the Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C and Skylake processors as well.

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