Apple Watch Is Loved By Teens

Spring 2016’s Piper Jaffray Teen survey suggests that only 12 pc of the people own wrist wearable devices whereas those who purchased a smart watch had ‘obviously’ bought the one by Apple.

The reason to this obvious factor is the huge 71 pc market share in the industry and analyst Gene Munster does not find it much surprising considering Apple’s record in the tech market.

Before the $350 priced Apple Watch’s arrival not many teens seemed interested to buy one but the situation changed quite much when the iWatch was launched in 2014 and 16 pc of them showed interest towards it. Previously only 7 pc of the teens had a smart watch for themselves.

Now when it comes to the smart phone sector, the teen interest increased by two pc as compared to 67 pc the previous fall. This is also increasing as 75 pc of teens are ready to get a new iPhone for them pretty soon.

On the contrary, the tablet industry has just been like for any other retailer and it has dropped among the teens by two pc from 61 pc the previous fall. This does not in any way imply that its demand has fallen since Apple’s iPad remains to have a leading 64 pc share in the market.

The percentage of teens wanting to buy one has also increased to 63 pc from 58 pc while the 13 pc who did not have one last year are more than willing to buy one this time soon.

While Apple is aiming at replacing desktop solutions through its economical 9.7 inch iPad Pro (since it has Smart Keyboard support and Apple Pencil) but Munster may be right in believing that the slight fluctuation in Apple’s trend was due to the same device too.

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