Apple’s Global PC Market Grew To 7.4 Percent During 2016

According to latest research performed by Gartner and IDC, Apple’s Mac market share has experienced an overall growth to 7.4 pc just in the first quarter as compared to Windows PC makers. This has gotten it the fourth global place since it is 6.7 percent higher than last year.

This has been quite surprising since sales have actually fallen by 2.1 pc to come under just 4.5 million but it was the PC market share that dropped to 1.5 pc, due to which Mac benefitted.

Chinese PC makers made for 20.1 pc of the market and Lenovo sales dropped by 8.5 pc YoY to get to 12.1 million units while Hewlett Packard got in second with 19.2 pc share coming to 10.8 pc under 11.6 million units. Dell ranked third sliding 2 pc from 2015 with 9 million units and 14.9 pc share in the market.

However Gartner reports say that Apple’s global deliveries have increased by 1 pc over the year to reach a million in the quarter that has given it a 7.1 pc market share. HP came sliding down with 9 pc while Lenovo saw a 7.2 pc decrease. The only PC maker to experience growth was Asus which went up by 1.5 pc whereas Dell also came down by 0.4 pc.

While focusing the US market, Lenovo grew by 14 pc while Dell also grew by 3 pc accounting for 26 pc of the market. Apple saw a really slight decline in the country while HP had an unfortunate 17 pc downside with its growth.

According to DC’s local estimates, with 1.77 million sales and 13 pc share, Apple remains on the fourth position and these are 5.6 pc more than the previous results since PC sales have declined overall by 5.8 pc in the US.

Last year, international computer shipments went below than those in 2008 and came to just about 300 million. Only 64.8 million pieces have been shipped in March 2016’s quarter though these numbers had never dropped below the 65 million mark ever since the year 2007.

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