Apple is working with Chinese server vendor Inspur to bring cloud services in-house

The tech giant Apple has been found to be working with the Chinese vendor Inspur in order to bring in –house cloud services for its new infrastructure to be imposed.

Currently the company is dependent on a third party for such services, out of which most are carried out by Microsoft and Amazon Web Services while Google has also recently been doing some of the same.  According to Apple’s project codenamed McQueen, the company is also working to have their own network for data and infrastructure.

The reason for such development is not just the cost, but in addition to that Apple is also worried for the security that could be at threat due to third party delivery on servers.

According to Digitimes report, Inspur has about 60 pc share in the Chinese server market and also has a big clientage base. The report does not have much detail but many big names of the IT sector including Microsoft, LG Electronics, Intel, IBM, SAP, VMware, Nvidia, Ericsson and RedHat have partnerships with this Chinese server vendor. They are also eager to expand themselves within the Chinese server market.

Apple had been working for its cloud servers in order to have its own designed storage and network equipment, back from last year’s May. It has also been working on having its own fiber optic links so that it would bring an end to such third party reliance.

Inspur on the other hand has production as well as Research and Development facilities with its other office based in California.

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