Apple Watch ‘S’ Upgrade To Come This Year

The trusted insider Ming-Chi-Kuo has revealed that the new models of the Apple Watch won’t be going through much changes when it comes to the design part, rather the outlook shall change in the models coming next year.

A research not was issued on Monday by the KGI Securities analyst who said that the new Apple Watch shall have improvements regarding the specifications area but the designs shall have almost the same looks.

Now that entire Apple Watch fan community who was waiting for improvements such as having a thinner look shall have to wait more until 2017’s models are revealed. The ones coming this year shall be more like a tick tock upgrade known as the ‘s’ upgrade over its internal items.

These claims are completely in line with the rumors that had spread last July which said that the newer models shall have the exact same deigns as that of the previous ones. The rumors had also said that it will be features such as better outdoor visibility and smaller battery that shall be focused in the new models.

While Kuo did not give much more details but said that only about 7.5 million such pieces shall be given out in 2016. He also believes that only 10.6 million Apple Watches were sold in 2015 which is less than the market actually sold. The numbers though remain a mystery since the company has refused to do so but sales have shown that the industry has surely grown over since the launch in 2015’s spring season.

We also do not know the date when the new Apple Watch shall be unveiled since many wrong predictions failed as the launch did not happen in March 2016. Some also expect the date to be somewhere in June 2016 when Apple’s Annual Worldwide Developers Conference shall be taking place. While others believe that the Apple Watch 2 shall come along with the launch of iPhone 7 in September 2016.

The 38 mm Apple Watch price has been reduced by $50 and now starts at $299 while the larger version can be bought at $349.

When it comes to giving credible predictions about Apple’s plans, Kuo has never failed ever since. He was also right last time when his pricing as well as specifications for the iPhone SE came true.

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