The iWatch Could Mean $9 Billion In Revenue

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Apple has been on a roll with their record setting quarters in the past year, but the iWatch is expected to be a source of incredible revenue if it is released this year. On top of iPhone 6 sales, the numbers could be incredible.

Morgan Stanley is estimating that the iWatch, built to track health and physical activity, is set to be on the market by the end of the year, with a price tag of around $100 to $250. That might seem like a low price for an Apple product, but many are expecting them to release it at an affordable price, although some reports have suggested it might be a luxury item.

Going off of what kind of sales past iDevices have had, Morgan Stanley believes there will be between 30 and 60 million units sold in the first year alone. This stands out, since it is up to three times the number of units moved for other smart watches that Apple’s product is going to be competing with.

The main priority will be taking market share away from Pebble and Fitbit, who are the two leaders in the industry. Fitbit sold 2.7 million units in the last quarter, but it is believed Apple will be easily topping that. Based on the numbers, it would mean a total of about $9 billion in revenue, greatly bumping their sales numbers and making sure that they set yet another record.

Source: Forbes

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