Apple Talking To Health Care Providers

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Apple’s HealthKit App is one of the most anticipated parts of iOS 8, due in part to the fact that it is expected to be a part of the long awaited iWatch. According to multiple sources, they are putting a lot of weight behind the App and attempting to convince health providers that they should be using it with their patients.

They are reputedly in talks with major health care providers like Mount Sinai, Johns Hopkins, and the Cleveland Clinic. using HealthKit, they are going to be able to collect and store data like never before.

These deals are not concrete, although Reuters pointed out that they do stand to illustrate the kind of seriousness that Apple is adopting when it comes to this particular service. The health tech industry is booming like never before and they want to be the go-to option for people wanting to consolidate their records and make things easier than ever, greatly enabling providers to give enhanced care that they could not give previously.

iOS 8 and HealthKit are going to roll out this fall, giving users the ability to track almost every aspect of their health in ways that current products can’t do, although it still isn’t known what all that will entail. With the push for health providers to start using it, Apple fans should have a lot of confidence in the kind of data that it will provide them with.

Source: Siliconbeat

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